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Nielsen is a leading global marketing research firm collaborating with Forte Trading Co. on innovative marketing research strategies. Nielsen has made a seamless transition into the new age of market research. One of our strategies to better engage the market is a line of customized mobile promotional products, this gives us the opportunity to better interact with consumers at live events. Increasing

Nielsen's consumer participation, engagement and overall conversions.

Our team fully embraces the initiative and continue to deliver creative and relevant market research with Nielsen.


Motivating The Masses and Forte Trading Co. have formed an exclusive merchandising partnership to deliver products that Empower the Human Spirit. We carefully select products that complement their brand identity, ensuring to leave a lasting impression and an invaluable experience. 

Together we provide products that leave you excited and empowered, all while increasing brand recognition. 

A new Tequila company launched early 2016 & Forte Trading Co. is leading the surge. We're responsible for Brand Strategy, Market penetration and overall Brand Identity. We've established modernized distribution outlets through mobile technology, resulting in increased sales and mass brand exposure. Our product placement for Venga in major entertainment venues and retail chains has generated exciting success and recognition. With FTC's creative strategies, Venga's sales and online presence increases daily. Venga is quickly becoming a serious player in the liquor industry, more specifically amongst the top shelf Tequila brands. Salud!


A1 Tech™  is a revolutionary footwear company that continually pushes the envelope in search of excellence in design, function and form. Forte Trading Co. has directed in the research, design and development of the Brand Identity and Manufacturing of the product line. The footwear is both aesthetically appealing and technologically functional beyond compare, made with advanced durability, comfort and safety features along with hand made precision detail. A1 Tech™ has incorporated the use of multiple technology features into all it's Footwear and Clothing, accompanied by an intuitive patent pending mobile app that will provide for an unparalleled footwear experience. The attention to detail and innovative use of technology makes A1 Tech™ Footwear a must have and one of the shoe industry's most sought after brands. 

Let's Get Started! 
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