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Cultivated Minds

Uplifting and providing hope to those who desire restoration within their relationships and marriages.


-Design and launch new online web presence for Cultivated Minds. 

-Establish a new CRM platform with online event campaign integration. 

-Design and produce campaign collateral materials.  

-Drive event attendance, through various CRM integrated outlets 

90 Day Event Campaign

Website /  Landing Pages 

Primary Website: $150 monthly

+Funnels/Landing Pages (5 individual pages) 


We will establish a CRM software that will Increase leads, accelerate sales, organize your contacts and allow you to better serve your customers. 

Month 1: Initial setup: $2,500 CRM Set-up and integrations. Includes the design of online event campaign collateral. Includes software fees

Month 2: $1,250 Event campaign launch, Acquire leads, Target event attendees goal. Includes software fees

Month 3: $1,250 Event campaign management, Target post event impressions /customer acquisition / 1st Product sale through / E-product Sale. Includes Software fees

Month 4: $1,250 Event campaign management, Target post event impression / customer acquisition / 2nd Product up-sale, Program and classes. Includes Software fees


Subsequent months will scale down cost to a maintenance and follow-through drip campaign. 

$500 monthly. Includes software fees

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