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At GLXY LMND, we’re all about bringing a splash of color to your day. Our lemonades are not only deliciously refreshing, but they’re also a feast for the eyes. With a range of bold, vibrant colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a flavor that suits your mood and your style. Whether you’re looking for something sweet to quench your thirst, or just want to add a bit of fun to your drink, GLXY LMND is the perfect choice.

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The Bottle

GLXY LMND is not just a lemonade, it's an experience. Our unique glass bottles are a statement piece, and our lemonade is made with the highest-quality ingredients. We believe that every sip should be visually and tastefully stunning. Whether you want to impress your friends at a summer barbecue or just enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot day, GLXY LMND has got you covered. 


The Lemonade

GLXY LMND is not just a beverage, it's an experience. Every bottle of this exclusive lemonade is crafted with the finest all-natural ingredients, ensuring that every sip is a journey through an exquisite palate of flavors. With its unique taste and stylish packaging, GLXY LMND is the perfect choice for those looking for a refreshing, innovative and tempting pick-me-up.

Lemon Tree


The Recipe

At GLXY LMND, we’re not like the other lemonade brands. Our signature twist? Glitter. That’s right – our lemonade is made with edible glitter, adding some extra sparkle and shimmer to your day. We’re passionate about creating a unique and fun experience for our customers, and our lemonade is just the beginning.


The Vision

Our GLXY LMND is a refreshing twist on classic lemonade. Bursting with tart and tangy lemon and lime flavors, and finished off with a hint of mint, it's the perfect way to quench your thirst on a hot day. Made with all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, you can enjoy GLXY LMND with confidence.

Star Formation


The Projections

Cold Drinks

Start up cost:

Custom bottle mold fee $2,500

Recipe creation $1000


Per bottle price $1.92

Moq 5000 bottles / 200 cases. 24 bottles per case 

$46.08 per case


($1.80 for stock bottles)


Year 1 Goal: 10,000 Monthly Bottle Sales  

Net Profit $20,000 / monthly

Year End Net $240,000 

Year 2 Goal: 20,000 Monthly Bottle Sales

Net Profit $40,000 / monthly

Year End Net $480,000

Year 3 Goal: 50,000 Monthly Bottle Sales

Net Profit $100,000 / monthly

Year End Net $1,200,000

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