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At GLXY LMND, we’re all about bringing a splash of color to your day. Our lemonades are not only deliciously refreshing, but they’re also a feast for the eyes. With bold, vibrant colors and unique fresh flavors, you’re sure to find a beverage that suits your mood and your style. Whether you’re looking for something sweet to quench your thirst, or just want to add a bit of fun to your cocktails, GLXY LMND is the perfect choice.



The Bottle

GLXY LMND is not just a lemonade, it's an experience. Our unique glass bottles are a statement piece, and our lemonade is made with the highest-quality ingredients. We believe that every sip should be visually and tastefully stunning. Whether you want to impress your friends at a summer barbecue or just enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot day, GLXY LMND has got you covered. 


The Lemonade

Sip into pure refreshment with our exquisite All-Natural Mint-Infused Lemonades with edible glitter! Crafted to perfection, this zesty blend combines the crispness of freshly squeezed lemons with the invigorating essence of garden-fresh mint. Experience the perfect balance of citrusy tang and cool minty goodness in every delightful sip. With its unique taste and stylish packaging, GLXY LMND is the perfect choice for those looking for a refreshing, innovative and tempting pick-me-up. Elevate your hydration game with this refreshing symphony of flavors.


Lemon Tree


The Recipe

At GLXY LMND, we’re not like the other lemonade brands. Our signature twist? Glitter. That’s right – our lemonade is made with edible glitter, adding some extra sparkle and shimmer to your day. We’re passionate about creating a unique and fun experience for our customers, and our lemonade is just the beginning.


The Vision

Welcome to Fat Man Approved Exotic Snax, where we redefine snacking! Quench your thirst with our artisanal, all-natural lemonades infused with mint and a touch of magic - edible glitter! Our vision is to elevate your beverage experience, offering a burst of flavor and a dash of whimsy. Glitter has been known to provide a soothing experience for children, as they watch the glitter swirl and settle, creating a calming visual spectacle. Ideal for relaxation and mindfulness, our lemonades also offer a gentle way to help kids manage emotions and find tranquility. Discover the magic and bring a sense of calm and a smile into your child's world. Weather a hot day by the pool, or having a cocktail, indulge guilt-free in quality and sparkle with every sip of GLXY LMND. Cheers to a tasteful extravagance and enjoy with confidence.



The Projections


Shelf Life 3-6 months  

A temperature below 41°F (5°C) is ideal for extended shelf life. 

Start up cost:

Custom bottle mold fee $2,500

Recipe creation $1000

Total $3500

50% deposit =$1,750

Balance due upon completion =$1,750

Suggested retail price $4.50

Net Profit per bottle sold $2.75 


5000 moq

Per bottle price $1.75

Moq 5000 bottles / 208 cases. 24 bottles per case 

$42 per case 

Potential Profit Per 5000k bottles sold 

COG: $8,750

Gross: $22,500

Net: $13,750

2500 moq

Per bottle price $1.98

Moq 2500 bottles / 104 cases. 24 bottles per case 

$47.52 per case 

Potential Profit Per 2500k bottles sold

COG: $4,950

Gross: $11,250

Net: $6,300

Sales Projections:

Projected ROI 5000 Bottle Sales Per Quarter 

Q1 Net Profit $13,750

Q2 Net Profit $13,750

Q3 Net Profit $13,750

Q4 Net Profit $13,750

Year End Gross:  $90,000

Year End Net: $55,000

(20,000 Bottles Sold)

Projected ROI 2500 Bottle Sales Per Quarter 

Q1 Net Profit $6,300

Q2 Net Profit $6,300

Q3 Net Profit $6,300

Q4 Net Profit $6,300

Year End Gross:  $90,000

Year End Net: $45,000

(10,000 Bottles Sold)

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