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Red Carbon Tech Ring®

Amaze and Inspire! Share your Tech Card with our NFC Red Carbon Ring. This ring is lightweight on the finger and won't cause any type of allergic reaction. The durability is similar to that of Titanium and it makes an excellent choice for a men's or women's ring. Embeded NFC technology allows you to share your Tech Card url directly from your Tech Ring with the simple contactless tap of an NFC enabled device. With the added NFC capabilities this ring is a future proof must have. 

Red Carbon Tech Ring®

  • Black Zirconium is extremely durable, it won't shatter like tungsten, it won't bend out of shape over time like precious metals and the surface is not a coating but simply a transformation of material into the oxide layer Zirconia, which is part of the actual material itself, so it's never going rub off or change colour over time.

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