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Rye Patch Concessions

Providing Added Value To The Rye Patch Experience.

Project: Rye Patch Concessions


Rye Patch State Park


2505 Rye Patch Reservoir Rd. Lovelock, NV 89419


Forté Trading Co. LLC

DBA: Rye Patch Concessions


5-10 Year Service Agreement 

Structure Type

  • Option #1: Safari Tent Stand (Semi-permanent) Provides an aesthetically pleasing concession stand that blends seamlessly with nature and the surrounding camp scenery.

  • Option #2: Mobile Concessions Trailer 

  • Mini Shipping Container (Storage, Ice Machine, Freezers) 

  • Electric Hook-ups needed 


  • Projected Annual Concession Customers: 40,000+

  • Average Spend Per Transaction: $18

  • Annual Gross Revenue Projected: $720,000

  • Revenue Share Of Gross Income (taxes excluded): TBD

Objective: Establish a profitable and thriving campground concession service that focuses on providing added value to its customers. We will offer a variety of items, from camping supplies to snacks and beverages, all at an affordable price. Our goal is to make sure that all of our guest have the best possible experience while camping.

We understand that camping is all about enjoying nature and having fun with family and friends. With our products and service, we hope to help make that experience even more enjoyable.

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Safari Tent | Trailer Concession Stand

Forte Trading Co., will offer a unique concession stand experience that is unlike anything else in the area.

The Stand will be equipped with product storage, freezers, grill, warmers, Ice machine, point of sales system and after hours security measures. 

We will offer a variety of products from camping essentials to food favorites like corndogs, hamburger, popcorn, candy, and drinks to keep campers fueled.

We will also offer a common eating area, and seating for those who want to relax and snack. We will offer nighttime outdoor movie experience, increasing stand foot traffic and gathering. Plus, for those who don’t want to leave the comfort of their campsite, we will offer mobile order pickup and delivery.  


We will strive to provide and unforgettable experience, with convenience and world class customer service! 

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Innovative Ordering

We will offer innovative ordering and delivery methods to campers and guest. Including delivery to camp sites. mobile order pickup and designated on water delivery. Campsites and information locations will feature a QR code menu allowing guest to access and order from their mobile device. 

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Team & Fleet 

Our goal is to provide a convenient and tasty experience for campers and guest.  

Our energetic team will provide a unique delivery service utilizing e-bikes and Jeeps to deliver the essentials and the best of what we have to offer.


 With our unique fleet, we are able to deliver orders quickly and with a smile. We look forward to providing Rye Patch campers and Guest with the best snack and drink experience possible.

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