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J. Anders from Long Beach, CA is an eccentric artist, pairing incisive yet epigrammatic lyrics with a narrative twist to compose versatile music. J. Anders does not limit her music to just Rap or Hip-Hop. As a well-rounded artist she can compose various genres of music including but not limited to soul, pop, r&b, etc.


"I have the appeal of a versatile rapper with an east and west coast sound. My demeanor and lifestyle says laid back but on the mic I'm smooth." 


Keep your ears and eyes open as she continues to progress through her musical career.

Sunsets In The We$t
The Chronicle Show
What's poppin'
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Captured by Weinchez
J. Anders & Larussell "it's different over here!"
Alaska Summer Blast Festival 2023
Alaska Summer Blast Festival 2023
Shot by Spl Creative